Ozon Medical Treatment on Cervial Carcinoma an Overview

Cervical carcinoma is one third of incidence rate of all carcinomatous cases in the world. It said that can be prevent and curable since the stadium is still not more than second stage. Many experiment have been conducted to look for it treatment. It is believed that the etiology is derived from (most of the time) sexual intercourse from whom came from women or men who have been infected by Human Pappiloma Virus (HPV). Usually this virus irritate the sub part of cervix uterus mucous between the squamous epithel and endocervical mucous. Many founder have succed to find an adequate treatment for this carcinoma, but in this article will be introduce another method that so called EBOO (Extracorporeal Blood Oxygenation and Ozonation)eventough this treatment has been found over 2 centuries ago but the officially used was in 1960 so not so long ago, but the result is believed it can overcome this cancer. Symptom and sign in the early stage do not obviously appear but it will obviously objective in the second and late stage. This article is just for sharing but hopefully it is enough to encourage and inspired the readers at least it is a awareness and beware of this cancer.

This article is issued in order to share with others who would like to know as a general point of view about cervical cancer. It's also to give a warning especially for women that this disease is common enough so they can be carefully for their own health especially to this problem. Hopefully this article could be usefull for everybody whom are concerned.

Symptom and Signs
Gerneraly speaking the symptom and signs of this diseases is not quiet different than others gynecologist cases which are found:

  • Abnormal bleeding. Women with cervical cancer may experience abnormal vaginal bleeding. This can be heavy or light bleeding during the month.
  • Unusual heavy discharge. An increased vaginal discharge is also a symptom of cervical cancer. It may be foul smelling, watery, thick, or contain mucus. It varies from woman to woman. It is important to report any unusual vaginal discharge to your doctor.
  • Pelvic pain. Pelvic pain that is not related to the normal menstrual cycle can be a cervical cancer symptom. Many women describe them ranging from a dull ache to sharp pains that can last hours. It can be mild or severe. Could also happen the so called vaginismus feeling painful when she use it for intercourse.
  • Pain during urination. Bladder pain or pain during urination can be a symptom of advanced cervical cancer. This cervical cancer symptom usually occurs when cancer has spread to the bladder.
  • Bleeding between regular menstrual periods, after sexual intercourse, douching, or pelvic exam. Bleeding after sexual intercourse, douching, or pelvic exam can be cervical cancer symptoms. This is due to the irritation of the cervix during these activities. While a healthy cervix may have a very small amount of bleeding, many conditions may cause bleeding after activities like sex.

There are several ways that some one can prevent not to have Human Pappiloma Virus and it could be done as follow :

  • By Vaccination.
    Vaccines can protect males and females against some of the most common types of HPV. HPV vaccines are given in three doses over six months. It is important to get all three doses to get the best protection. The vaccines are most effective when given before a person's first sexual contact, when he or she could be exposed to HPV.

    Girls and women: Two vaccines (Cervarix and Gardasil) are available to protect females against the types of HPV that cause most cervical cancers. One of these vaccines (Gardasil) also protects against most genital warts. Gardasil has also been shown to protect against anal, vaginal and vulvar cancers. Both vaccines are recommended for 11 and 12 year-old girls, and for females 13 through 26 years of age, who did not get any or all of the doses when they were younger.

    Boys and men: One vaccine (Gardasil) protects males against most genital warts and anal cancers. This vaccine is recommended for boys aged 11 or 12 years, and for males aged 13 through 21 years of age, who did not get any or all of the three recommended doses when they were younger. Young men, 22 through 26 years of age, may get the vaccine.

  • By avoiding have a sexual intercourse with stranger(not our wife or husband). It is better to use condom. We choose the best quality and brand new, do not use a condom that we bought it a long time ago, why because we are afraid that the condom is leaking.
  • Do not intercourse to any body except with our own partner (husband and wife)

Ozon Medical Treatment
Ozon medical treatment is one those others treatment for cervical cancer but this time it is used an ozone gas with the method that the so called EBOO (Extra corporeal Blood Oxygenation and Ozonation) . The Princip of this treatment is to mix the patient blood with ozon gas through an EBOO device.How does ozon medical treatment works to overcome the cancer cell. There are so many experiment has been conducted and most of them show the result as follows :

  1. Immunomodulating action develops particularly through a decrease in blood level of circulating immune complexes, IgM, group and Rh antibodies, increase in the phagocytic activity of neutrophiles.
  2. The logic sustaining the use of oxygen-ozone application to the treatment of carcinomas rests on the strategy of capitalizing on the disturbed metabolism of cancer cells.
  3. The use of oxygen = ozone infact can inhibit the growth of cancer cell the examples is for some carcinoma as follow, In one landmark study, cultured cells of different carcinoma types were compared with non-cancerous human lung fibroblasts on exposure to ozonated air (0.3, 0.5, and 0.8 ppm of ozone for 8 days). Alveolar adenocarcinoma, breast adenocarcinoma, uterine carcinosarcoma and endometrial carcinoma showed a 40% cell growth inhibition at 0.3 ppm of ozone and 60% at 0.5 ppm.
    The non-cancerous lung cells were unaffected at these levels. At 0.8 ppm ozone exposure, cancer cell growth inhibition was 90%. Interestingly, it was at this level that the control cell group started to manifest anabolic slowdown. The authors postulate that cancer cells are less able to compensate for the oxidative challenge of ozone than normal cells, possibly by way of reduced functionality of the glutathione system (Sweet 1980).
  4. Many researcher have been worked upon the beneficial of ozon treatment and have been conducted in various carcinomatous condition. Like the experiment of Wolff 1977, Lacoste 1951, Zabel 1960, Wenzel 1983. Several researchers have focused their efforts on using ozone as an adjunct to radiation and chemotherapy (Tietz 1983). With giving the ozon treatment will reduce the side effect of radio and or Inactivation of bacteria, viruses and fungi: Ozone disrupts the intergrity of the cell envelope through peroxidation of the phospholipids and lipoproteins. chemo theraphy.
  5. Since the etiology of cervical cancer is quiete link with the presence of Pappiloma Virus so the ozon medical treatment is one of those which is matched to be used.
  6. Ozone can be safely administered in techniques of blood ozonation. Extracorporeal ozone therapy treats the entire blood and lymphatic systems.
  7. Activation of the Immune system: Ozone stimulates the production of interferon and interleukin in the body. From this, there is a cascade of subsequent immunological reactions.
  8. And others one which so many that we can not state here all of them, It is better to whom is interesting can find him or herself through the internet.

That is all that I can share with you about the overview of cervical carcinoma. I hope that this simple article can encourage and inspire all of the readers to know further by their own effort about this disease. I hope so, thank you for reading this article.

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